International Advertising Test 3 Review

International Advertising Test 3 Review - Review for Test...

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Review for Test Three  Fall 2007 Media Complex, changing 0. Multiple contact points 1. Multiple players 0. The consumers is in charge 1. Research still catching up   Three Parts of Media World are? 1. Via buyers and planers 2. Media owners 3. Media departments at the major advertisers Part one : 2. Old Buying and Planning System-done by agencies Vs. 3. New System-separate media companies (or free standing units of major holding companies) 4. Who, How and Why? New Stature-because of media world is the forefront with the ability to be more accountable-it has become equal in status to  creative for ROI. 0. Media Specialization 0. Independents/FSU’s 0. Nine plus one? Carat-they are the only ones who are totally independent of the holding  companies (last true large independent) 1. New model, tools,  2. New mentality 1. New Target Concept 3. Equality between 2 facets: How people consume the two entities 1. Media 2. Creative- a. how people consume brand and media Part Two ; Owners 5. Three Global Issues 1. Culture 2. Political/Bearicratic Barriers 3. Content/Commerce Barriers 6. Resolutions to one and two - Layering and versioning 7. Three? -there is not simple resolution to this. Third Part : The Purse Strings-advertisers and media departments of large advertisers 8. More/more interested in: ROI or accountability More interested in global Due to more efficencies 2. Why? What’re the holdups? Few truly global media vehicles, lack of inconsistent research Tactical Strategic 9. Summary:
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3. What’s up overall with the three partner’s? 10. Something Old, Something New …and those are? Old: old media recast in new form New: moble media devices and broadcasts Mobile means cell phones… or not? Yes along with all wireless devices, games, mobile contact or anything that can be taken  with you or while you are being mobile. 11. Wireless is Global- American led? Culture free? No, and varies widely  Universally used? . . Or not New delivery-streaming media Disnery -us ABC 12. Most used old stuff in new cover is? 13. Changing from cheap ___?__ to expensive___?___ 14. Biggest issues are? Internet Internationally is growing slowly … or rapidly as emerging markets ___?__  and broadband___?__ 15. As the U.S. leads(?) and retains (?) leadership in the face of advances and growth in what geographies? 16. Growth in BRIC (who?), increase in Broadband, more mobile means? 17. Any problems? 4. Internet? 5. Overall “new” media? Media Involvement
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International Advertising Test 3 Review - Review for Test...

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