ESSAY 2 - RHE306-Widner 3/16/08 ESSAY 2-Rhetorical Analysis...

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RHE306-Widner 3/16/08 ESSAY 2-Rhetorical Analysis Many authors of political articles and newspaper columns argue that illegal immigration is beneficial to the United States economy. In their article, “Immigrants claim pivotal role in economy”, David J. Lynch and Chris Woodyard claim that illegal immigration helps bring in revenue for the U.S. government. The authors are speaking to their intended audience who are American newspaper readers concerned with political news. Because undocumented workers also benefit employers and American workers, as stated by Lynch and Woodyard, then the intended audience will more likely accept the main argument. Although some argue that illegal immigrants are harmful to the United States, many see them as positively benefiting the U.S. economy. According to Lynch and Woodyard, illegal immigrants who pay sales and income tax bring in revenue for the U.S. government. Because immigrants are paying taxes but not receiving benefits such as social security, the U.S. government has a massive surplus. The authors also claim illegal immigrants help keep factories in business and preserve American jobs. Illegal immigrants are being paid dramatically lower wages than U.S. citizens, but this helps employers maintain businesses at a lower cost which in turn helps create extra jobs for American citizens and others. The authors make another claim that illegal immigrants help fund public services such as hospitals. When they receive emergency medical services they have to pay just like an American citizen, yet they are not allowed to receive Medicare or Medicaid from these services. Lynch and Woodyard argue that illegal immigrants are beneficial simply due to the economic value of their work. They are being paid lower wages and do the same jobs that a higher paid worker would do. Overall the message implied from Lynch and Woodyard’s article is that because of illegal immigration, the U.S. economy is working effectively and more efficiently.
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Lynch and Woodyard rely on statistics and facts from research studies to support their argument and persuade their audience by consistently using appeals to logos. The authors bring up the opposing side that many Americans do believe that illegal immigrants are harmful to the economy, but they authors use reason and facts to strengthen their own argument. For example, “The cross-border movement of generally low-skilled, low-educated immigrants has depressed wages for unskilled native workers while helping keep consumer prices under control and inflating profits for employers” (Lynch & Woodyard 8). By adding more value to their argument, Lynch and Woodyard give the readers a “common sense” feeling. The audience will accept the argument because they feel it is common sense because of the vast amount of facts the authors add. This appeal to logos establishes truth with the readers of the USA Today because they are constantly looking for reassurance of a claim that the authors make. The facts and statistics
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ESSAY 2 - RHE306-Widner 3/16/08 ESSAY 2-Rhetorical Analysis...

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