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history notes 3-19 - History notes 3-19 315k Joseph...

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History notes 3-19 315k Joseph McCarthy “lavender lads” Mass consumerism GI Bill of Rights-1944 Veterans Administration Federal Housing Federal Highway Act-1956 Levittown-1947 Restrictive Covenants Marriage Rate-86% Age at marriage-20/22 Birth rate doubles Ritualized dating Containment Korean War-June 1950-1953 Fall of 1949 China has been presented as a little American and they go communist. The question was how did it go communist were there people in the state department who were secretly communist and encouraged this. They went communist because they were to begin with and most Americans were not aware of how much has taken route in china. All of this precedes Joseph McCarthy . In late 1949 McCarthy was facing the prospect of reelection. Junior senator from Wisconsin and voted worst senator in the senate and he realized he needed some sort of issue at least until reelection. He thought health care but a catholic priest said no and why don’t you focus on communism and it in the federal government. he said that has already been discussed but advisor said how many people knows numbers. In Feb. 1950 after few weeks los Alamos was revealed McCarthy embarks on a speech campaign. First speech at republican’s women’s club in West Virginia. McCarthy gives his most famous speech and in it he holds up sheets of papers and said I have in my hands the names of 50 known communists in the state. McCarthy goes on to other places to United States and media begins to take interest of him. The number of known communists ranges from speech to speech low of 47 to high of 257. he was not aware of any communists in know gov. but he did have a list of people purged from government
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history notes 3-19 - History notes 3-19 315k Joseph...

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