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ADV 318j project 2 - MEMORANDUM TO John Murphy FROM DATE...

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MEMORANDUM TO: John Murphy FROM: DATE: June 15, RE: Major Project #2 – Brand Network Map and Marketing Implications Subject and Brand Choice – My subject is my mother, Shiu Yun Chiang. She is a hard-working individual that has had to work on a manufacturing assembly line for most of her life just to provide a better future for me. Her job almost never allows her free vacation time, but when it does, she makes the most of it. She has had a wide range of experiences with various hotels such as: Hilton, Best Western, and Holiday Inn. We chose to analyze Jumeirah’s Burj Al Arab hotel in the United Arab Emirates (BAA) because even though my mother has enjoyed staying at other hotels, her experience at the BAA is her favorite. Further, since she has continued talking about BAA consistently for the past year, there are high emotional connections associated with it and BAA has the potential, in terms of a brand network map, to be spectacular. (a) Single Most Important Consumer Insight. We discussed attributes such as the physical aspects of the hotel as well as activities that this hotel had to offer. By comparing the individual features of each of the other hotels and those of BAA, it became clear that my subject prefers BAA because it provided her extraordinary customer service.
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