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Rhetoric 306 research summary 1 - Stelzer Irwin...

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Stelzer, Irwin M. “Immigration in the New Economy.” Public Interest (Fall 200):p. 5. Rhe306 Stelzer mainly speaks about the different sides countries take to the immigration debate. Each country is different in their policies by welcoming immigrants, preventing immigration or remaining undecided on who to allow on their land. According to Stelzer, the problem countries have is not being able to create a policy that works to keep immigration under control. The argument Stelzer makes is that policy can be changed and it is clearly expressed when he says, “It is a policy—policy that can be changed—that defines the standards that distinguish legitimate from bogus asylum-seeking (6).” A reason he gives for his argument is that policies can be changed based on three principles: Humanitarian, ethno-cultural, or economic. Humanitarian principles involve accepting immigrants so their lives can be improved. Ethno-cultural principles have a slammed-door policy which will not allow immigrants into the country because it can weaken the country’s culture, values, and norms. Economic principles are based on a policy
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Rhetoric 306 research summary 1 - Stelzer Irwin...

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