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Forbes Unseemly Article on Career Women Melissa Hanna, assistant news editor of The Athens Bamen Herald read an article, “Don’t Marry Career Women,” written by reporter Michael Noer in the Forbes magazine, that advocated for men to not marry career women. Hanna was insulted and decided to voice her opinion on the article. Ms. Hanna did the right thing by fighting back at the Forbes article because that magazine apparently has a lot of respect in the business world. The way Michael Noer came about his opinion was very distasteful. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and the freedom of speech, but that should not entail for a person, such as Michael Noer, a very submissive man in his field, to talk badly about women’s choices. He should not have tinted the image of career women because it is hard enough for a workingwoman to marry a man. Noer is partially correct with his reasoning on why women should just stay home and birth babies. Career women are more likely to cheat and get divorced because they
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univ1115CareeerWomeEessay - Forbes Unseemly Article on...

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