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In “Date Rape Can Become a Life Sentence,” Kathleen Parker’s conclusion that a date rapist is somehow less guilty than a common rapist is flat out wrong. I strongly disagree with her contention that a date rapist should not be treated like other sexual offenses, and that they should not be placed on a permanent sex offender registration list. Her position is a throw back to a time where woman were uniformly blamed for rape and it was considered appropriate to blame the victim. The law of rape has evolved to protect woman from predators who are known and unknown. The law does not, and should not; differentiate between a rapist who stalks a stranger, and one who under the guise of a date who chooses to violate a woman. Unwelcome sexual assault by a stranger, or a “friend,” is a crime and should be treated the same way. The charge and conviction for date rape should not be given any lesser punishment than that of a serial street rapist. The physical injury to the woman is the same under both scenarios, and Kathleen Parkers analysis is totally unacceptable. A convicted date rapist should be required to register much like a serial rapist, or child molester. The law allows the community to know if a sexual predator is living in their neighborhood. This law should not be changed to hide from the community a person who rapes his date and may be living next door. Kathleen Parker fails to recognize that date rape may inflict a greater trauma on a
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Rape_amendedessay-1 - In"Date Rape Can Become a Life...

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