rm120407 - Fall 2007 CH 301 Final Random Musings 1. Sadly,...

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Fall 2007 CH 301 Final Random Musings 1. Sadly, the semester has come to an end. I have decided not to add any additional content material since there is so little time before the exam. Today in class I will review grading and administrative procedures, answer some questions, and have you fill out a form. 2. Quiz 6 results. The average of 80% was very good and suggests that most of you are at least able to work the problems even if the concepts are not fully realized—keep this strategy in mind as you tackle exam 3 and you won’t feel so overwhelmed. . 3. Evaluations. It is your responsibility as a student to complete course instructor evaluations for every course you take. The college is participating in a pilot effort to make these evaluations electronic and I have agreed to use this method. You should have received an electronic invitation to complete this survey, but if you haven’t, you can do so by going to the following web link: https://utdirect.utexas.edu/diia/ecis/ and opening up the survey for CH301. . You have until this Friday to complete the survey. Thanks for remembering to do this. 4. Extra Credits. You may earn 3% of your course grade, regardless of grading scheme, by turning in three extra credit assignments. My opinion is that even the very best and worst among you would be foolish to not get these extra credits in. You have until this Friday at midnight to do so. Instructions for each extra credit are listed below. Extra Credit 1 I want you to teach a science-hater something interesting about chemistry that you have learned in this class. The person you teach has to say to you, “gee, I had no idea chemistry was that interesting” when you have finished (you can make them say it even if they don’t mean it.). You can choose what you teach but I would recommend that it be something of interest and utility . Choose anything from the course and have a fine conversation. Submit the assignment as simple text in an e-mail (no attachments) Use the specific text written below as the subject heading of the e-mail: thanksgiving extra credit— your uteid and send it to dalaude@mail.utexas.edu . If you do not provide your UTEID you will not receive credit. Due Date: December 7at midnight. Extra Credit 2 Make a chemical reaction or physical process occur, then e-mail me the balanced chemical reaction and tell me qualitatively about the sign changes for the reaction—include signs for Δ V, Δ P, Δ T, Δ G, Δ H, Δ S, Δ E and w. Please don’t do calculations but do explain your answers briefly. I’m not going to give any hints here for types of reactions, but my goodness, you watch them unfold around you everyday in class, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. And please, be safe. If you have a reaction that produces a lot of heat or a big change in volume, do it sensibly.
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rm120407 - Fall 2007 CH 301 Final Random Musings 1. Sadly,...

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