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1 Syllabus for ECE 3025: Introduction to Electromagnetics (Last Revision: 2018-05-08) Instruction Team Information Instruction Team Information: Name: Professor Benjamin B. Yang Lecture Hours: Mon/Wed/Fri 2:00PM-3:15PM, Lecture Location Klaus Room 2443 Office Hours: Monday / Wednesday /Friday 12:45PM-1:45PM Office: Room 370, Van Leer Email: [email protected] Phone Number: 404-407-6737 Teaching Assistant / Grader Information: Name: TBD Office: Office Hours: Email: Course Information: Description Welcome to ECE 3025: Electromagnetics. My goal is for you to walk out of this course with a basic understanding of concepts relating to electromagnetics that you take with you in your career, regardless of whether your future work is in the field of electromagnetics. If you have not chosen a concentration yet, then I hope the learning activities in this class inspire you to pursue future coursework and a career in the area of fields and waves. Even if you have already chosen a specialty 1 that is not electromagnetics, we are in a world where research and engineering is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary. I wish to help your future success by enabling you to communicate effectively with team members that work in this area. Furthermore, this class is a unique opportunity to learn specific mathematical tools that are often used in other disciplines, such as heat transfer, quantum mechanics, and plasmas. This semester is my first attempt with the current implementation of the course material and my first time working with the Summer Online Undergraduate Program (SOUP). As a result, I expect some experimentation and adjustments. I appreciate your feedback throughout the semester on what is or is not enhancing your learning experience. Thank you in advance for your commitment to doing well in this course. I will in turn commit to doing what my best for this course to make you a more effective engineer. 1 I later learned that — as a young engineer — a specialty at the B.S. level does not mean much. Employers assume they need to teach you a bulk of the requisite knowledge anyway. This reality is actually quite convenient for job searches. You can be anything or anybody. The menu in life will be much more expansive than you may think.
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