Islam & the war on terrorism

Islam & the war on terrorism - Islam and the war on...

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Unformatted text preview: Islam and the war on terrorism IR 101 February 26 & 28, 2008 Why did 9/11 "change everything"? Pearl Harbor National military Attack on military base Hawaii is miles away Response: conventional interstate warfare Al-Qaeda Attack on centers of capitalism & democracy DC-NYC corridor Response: global war on terrorism 9/11 Impact: at home and abroad 2004: Security moms, values voters, post 9/11 2004 exit polls Fall 2006 Anxiety Index (Yankelovich) 79% "world is becoming more dangerous for the United States and the American people" Impact on 2008?? Pres. Bush (Kansas 1/06) "there is an enemy which is relentless and desirous to bring harm to the American people, because of what we believe in" "They kill innocent men, women and children to achieve their objective. "These folks cannot be appeased. We can't hope that nice words will change their point of view. "we will find them, and we will hunt them down, and we will bring them to justice before they hurt America again" "in the long-term, the way to defeat these people is to spread liberty. Who are "they"? How is the "war" going? Religion in the U.S. (new Pew survey) 16% report no religion (18-29, 25%) 51% protestant, down from 2/3rds in 80s 25% catholic, but lots of people leaving church, offset my new Latino migrants All other religions ~9% of US population The Muslim World 1.2 billion worshippers; the world's fastest-growing religion 65 countries with significant/majority Muslim populations Indonesia, Nigeria, and Pakistan are 3 largest Democracies like Malaysia and Turkey secular republics such as Indonesia monarchies such as Saudi Arabia Islamic republics such as Iran. No Muslim majority countries in Europe or the Americas Almost all of Muslim states are developing nations de-colonized in the 20th century War on terrorism facts Al Qaeda Iraq war, March 2003 "The coalition of the willing" Casualties of war Afghanistan war, October 2001Wash Post 2/26/08: "NATO confronts surprisingly fierce Taliban" "More foreign soldiers and Afghan civilians died in fighting last year than in any year since 2001." "Dispatched to the southern region to maintain newly restored order and help local Afghans reconstruct their shattered communities, Dutch and other NATO troops now find themselves on the front lines of a renewed fight with a more cunning and aggressive Taliban." What is the enemy? Terrorism as a tactic targeted at civilians; don't wear uniforms Rejection of western way of life Suicide bombers/willingness to die for cause How widespread is "extremism"? Islamic extremism Examples of non-Islamic "terrorism"? State Dept: 4 tenets of counter-terrorism 1. 2. 3. 4. "prevent attacks by the terrorist networks before they occur. "deny weapons of mass destruction to outlaw regimes, and to their terrorist allies who would use them without hesitation. "deny radical groups the support and sanctuary of rogue states. "deny the militants control of any nation that they would use as a home base and a launching pad for terror. Preemptive war (Wikipedia) "A preemptive war is waged in an attempt to repel or defeat an imminent invasion, or to gain a strategic advantage in an impending (usually unavoidable) war "The legal ground for pre-emption remain highly a contentious issue a classical approach self-defense is restricted to a response to an armed attack, in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter. Was Iraq a preemptive war? Preventive war (Wikipedia) "The rationale for preventive war is the claimed prevention of a possible future attack "the invasion of Iraq was justified on the grounds that Saddam may have someday been able to develop nuclear weapons Was Iraq a preventive war? Civil war (Wikipedia) "A civil war is a war in which parties within the same culture, society or nationality fight against each other for the control of political power Is Iraq a civil war? ...
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