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Algebra 2B Unit 3 Study Guide: Rational Exponents and Radical Functions Completion of all the review activities in the review lesson (Unit 3 Lesson 9), checking and going back over any quiz questions that you missed, and completing this study guide will help you do well on the Unit Test. You will submit this unit’s study guide in the Sample Work drop box in Unit 3 Lesson 9 Screen 6 . You must complete both parts 1 and 2 listed below. Part 1: Please use your lessons & textbook to define the vocabulary words given. Radical Function An equation that has a variable in a radicand or a variable with a rational exponent Composite Function When the output from the first function becomes the input for the second function, you form a composite function. Inverse Relation If a relation pairs elements a of its domain with b of its range, the inverse relation pairs b in the domain with a in the range. Part 2: 1. Find all the real square roots of a. .0064 b. - .0081 .08, -.08 No Real Roots
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