Exam 1 Review

Exam 1 Review - Stonehenge Beaker Culture-Neolithic period...

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Stonehenge Beaker Culture- -Neolithic period culture -present during phase II -known for pottery skills -brought in blue stone and helped to construct avenue Declination- -process of tracking the moon mathematically Degrees of right ascension- -works with declination for charting sun, moon, and stars Eclipse- -Phase III, central axis, new interest in sun when it eclipsed with moon -Solar eclipse when sun and moon are at same node points -lunar eclipse- opposite node points Equinox- Solstice- -Midsummer Solstice- sunrise directly along avenue, beside heel stone when viewed from center of circle; if partner stone still stood, would shine down corridor into heart of Stonehenge Wessex Culture- -Phase II and III Windmill Hill Culture - -semi-nomadic Phase I- (3100-2300 BC) -Embankment, Station Stone Features, Highlights Aubrey Holes Phase II- (2100-2000 BC) -Beginning of blue stones, Avenue becomes increasingly important, elaboration of station stones -Post hole settings of NE entrance placed on lines of moon’s rising Phase III- (2000-1550 BC) -Inner Sarsen circle Mortise and Tenon - technique by which stones are held in position; tenon- bulge; mortise- hole Astrology - -Principal entrances faces NE (rising of the sun) -Midwinter sunset- framed between uprights of great trilithons -4 Station Stones- if axis drawn through positions, indicate direction of midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset -lunar aspect- positions form rectangle, longer sides indicate direction of moonrise and moonset
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Exam 1 Review - Stonehenge Beaker Culture-Neolithic period...

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