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Rahat Raj Sud E-mail: [email protected] ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR: FIRST HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT Q. Explain how you think the stereotype of used-cars dealers developed? A. I think the stereotype of used-car dealers developed because of their reputation which has only worsened through word-of-mouth publicity. Their reputation is of being ruthless, shady people who just just have one agenda on their cards: making money. They are known to over-charge and deceit, and turn their faces away when the customers ask for help. The cars are often very old, freshly painted to be given a new look. The cars often don't work properly, and their condition is blamed by the dealers on the poor customers. Clearly, their reputation has developed because of past experiences of a lot of customers, and though not all dealers are the same, there is a tendency for generalizations to be made. Q. What, if anything, can Joe do counter this stereotype?
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