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What are the five functional prerequisites that a society must satisfy if it is to survive? Describe the differences between organic and mechanical solidarity.
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Unformatted text preview:The fifth requirement is providing and maintaining a sense of purpose. Without a sense of purpose members of society will not feel motivated to fulfill the other four prerequisites. Mechanical and organic Solidarity both deal with how labor is distributed in society. Durkheim explains that mechanical solidarity as a type of social cohesion that occurs when people share similar work. When people do the same work they tend to have similar views which will lead to a less divisive society. In contrast, organic solidarity is social cohesion based on the division of labor. As society grows and becomes more complex labor will have to be specialized and divided. This division creates a unity where all members will have to depend on others. For example, tailors depend on farmers for the materials and the farmers need clothes from the tailors.