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ID: 3611336535 SOCI 169, Tim Biblarz TA: Brady Potts Assignment 1 It has become ever increasingly difficult to find an exact meaning of the word ‘family’. To make things easier, we can comfortably say that the term family is a concept that encompasses many meanings. It can be attributed to a few friends living in college together, two parents living with their one adopted child or to a college football team where players trains together for endless hours, becoming closer as individuals. The term ‘family’ is not only limited to these examples but can also be used for pets, who many people believe are an integral part. Popenoe, too, believes that family is a ‘sponge concept’. However, to make the term a bit more simple and domestic, he wishes to stick to the term in its generic sense, namely where people live together under one roof, consisting of a father, a mother and their two biological children. Popenoe believes that the situation for children has not been the national concern since the 1960’s and this is leading to a decline in family. He admits that the divorce rates had been increasing over the years and that fertility rates were going down, but adds that these phenomenon experienced a sudden ‘acceleration’ after the 1960’s. Popenoe feels that society is not child centered anymore. After the 1960’s, there has been a steady decline in the number of children in a family. There has been a considerable rise in ‘adult only’ communities, and people are now in the mind – set that it is not quantity that matters, but rather quality. This change in thought has led a decline in the population of children. In the 1960’s one – third of the population consisted of
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children, and a recent survey suggests that that number is now barely above the one – fourth percentage mark. Popenoe also sees that the marital roles have undergone a major change from
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chitty HW 1 - ID: 3611336535 SOCI 169, Tim Biblarz TA:...

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