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1 October 2, 2007 Paper 1 Love – Oh so tragic! Boccaccio’s uses different themes for different days, much like he has done for Day Four where the overarching theme of the day is ‘love stories that end up tragically’. It’s almost comical that stories IV, 1 and IV, 5 have the same plots that would be advertised in a daytime TV Soap like family, power, death, tyranny, symbolism, relationships and madness all of which are induced with a connection to love. When we look at the two stories from a very superficial viewpoint they seem pretty similar but when we look deeper into the stories we see that they have inconspicuous contrasting premise. The two stories deal with the male lover being murdered and the female lover killing herself of her own will or dying out of love for her other half. Both stories share the fact that the lovers were killed because they bring disrespect and shame to their families. Tancredi remarks “you had to shrink to such shameless conduct” (259) about how his daughter made love to a page from his court. Separately, Lisabetta’s brothers decide “to avoid any taint of dishonor attaching to them or to their sister” (284) since she had consummated her love without marriage. This shows how upholding a family’s reputation was of the utmost importance during the fourteenth century. Brothers or a father killing another person was alright as long as the image of the household was not brought into question. Many a time, in Boccaccio’s stories, the plot revolves around family ties and how the family is held together keeping in mind that after the plague families disintegrated. It was every man for himself, and even a mother wouldn’t care about her plague infected child. Boccaccio uses symbolism in the form of garden imagery that is common throughout the whole book in which he relates most greenery to the Garden of Eden. The first story talks about
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2 the private garden that the lovers used to meet up in and spend romantic afternoons in. It has Guiscardo go through secret passageways and caves just to get to Ghismonda. “No one recollected this stairway’s existence as it was years since anyone had used it; but Love, whose eyes searches out even the most secret things, brought it to the attention of the lovesick princess” (257). This shows how it has been a long time since anybody ahs experienced true love in that house, especially Tancredi and Ghismonda. Boccaccio is also trying to say that love knows no boundaries and it does whatever to make lovers meet. The garden is meant as a safe place while
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Paper 1 - 1 October 2, 2007 Paper 1 Love – Oh so tragic!...

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