Ch 18 notes - Ch 18 notes Discuss the external and internal...

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Ch 18 notes h Discuss the external and internal forces that create the need for organizational change. Organizations encounter both external and internal forces for change. There are four key external forces for change: demographic characteristics, technological advancements, customer and market changes, and social and political pressures. Internal forces for change come from both human resource problems and managerial behavior/decisions. h Describe Lewin's change model and the systems model of change. Lewin developed a three-stage model of planned change that explained how to initiate, manage, and stabilize the change process. The three stages were unfreezing, which entails creating the motivation to change, changing, and stabilizing change through refreezing. A systems model of change takes a big picture perspective of change. It focuses on the interaction among the key components of change. The three main components of change are inputs, target elements of change, and outputs. The target elements of change represent the components of an organization that may be changed. They include organizational arrangements, social factors, methods, and people. h Discuss Kotter's eight steps for leading organizational change. John Kotter believes that organizational change fails for one or more of eight common errors. He proposed eight steps that organizations should follow to overcome these errors. The eight steps are (1) establish a sense of urgency, (2) create the guiding coalition, (3) develop a vision and strategy, (4) communicate the change vision, (5) empower broadbased action, (6) generate short-term wins, (7) consolidate gains and produce more change, and (8) anchor new approaches in the culture. h Define organization development (OD), and demonstrate your familiarity with its four identifying characteristics. Organization development is a set of tools or techniques that are used to implement planned organizational change. OD is broader in focus and has a
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Ch 18 notes - Ch 18 notes Discuss the external and internal...

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