Ch 16 notes - Ch 16 Define the term leadership, and explain...

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Ch 16 h Define the term leadership, and explain the difference between leading versus managing. Leadership is defined as a process in which an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. Although leadership and management overlap, each entails a unique set of activities or functions. Managers typically perform functions associated with planning, investigating, organizing, and control, and leaders deal with the interpersonal aspects of a manager's job. Table 16–2 summarizes the differences between leading and managing. All told, organizational success requires a combination of effective leadership and management. h Review trait theory research and the takeaways from this theoretical perspective. Historical leadership research did not support the notion that effective leaders possessed unique traits from followers. More recent research showed that effective leaders possessed the following traits: intelligence, self-confidence, determination, honesty/integrity, sociability, emotional intelligence, extraversion, and conscientiousness. In contrast, bad leaders displayed the following characteristics: incompetence, rigid, intemperate, callous, corrupt, insular, and evil. Research also demonstrated that men and women exhibited different styles of leadership. The takeaways from trait theory are that ( a ) we can no longer ignore the implications of leadership traits; traits influence leadership effectiveness; ( b ) organizations may want to include personality and trait assessments into their selection and promotion processes; and ( c ) management development programs can be used to enhance employees' leadership traits. h Explain behavioral styles theory and its takeaways. The thrust of behavioral styles theory is to identify the leader behaviors that directly affect work-group effectiveness. Researchers at Ohio State uncovered two key leadership behaviors: consideration and
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Ch 16 notes - Ch 16 Define the term leadership, and explain...

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