Final Exam-S07 - 6. What kind of corporate culture will you...

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MAN 336 Organizational Behavior Spring 2007-MW Final Exam Name __________________________________ Date ___________ Congratulations! You have just inherited $100 million dollars. The only stipulation is that the money must be utilized to start a new business, and you must serve as the CEO. Apply your learning about organizational behavior to answer the following questions. 1. Describe your new business. What business will you be in? Where will it be located? How many employees will it have? Etc. 2. What are the core ethical values you will bring to your new leadership position? 3. Explain the leadership style you will utilize in your new position. 4. What is the most important concept you have learned from this management course on organizational behavior that you want to bring to your work with people in the organization? 5. What is the mission and vision for your new organization?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What kind of corporate culture will you attempt to create? 7. How will the organization be designed and structured? Please include an organizational chart. 8. What systems will you put in place to motivate employees? 9. How will you work with diversity? 10. What kind of systems for communicating with employees will you set up? 11. How will you handle conflict in your company? 12. How will you prepare your employees to work on international assignments? 13. What will you do about organizational politics? 14. How will you cope with change in the organization? 15. What would you like your legacy to be in this organization? 15 *The Final Exam is worth 15 points of your grade in the course. The final is due on Tuesday, May 15 th , by 5:00 p.m....
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Final Exam-S07 - 6. What kind of corporate culture will you...

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