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JS 100 Prof - JS 100 Prof. David Kaufman 28/08/2007...

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Unformatted text preview: JS 100 Prof. David Kaufman 28/08/2007 19:05:00 Did majority if the jews fight in the crusadews and majority convert in the Spanish expulsion Lecture 1 What is a Jew? Many Jews say they are Jewish, but do not say they are a Jew this leads to ambivalence and a question of Jewish identity Old testament and new testament are a Christian perspective o Jews have continued to call it the old testament Who was the first Jew? o Religious Point of view Abraham was the first Jew because the bible describes Abraham as the first to enter into a relationship with God called a covenant. Later, his followers called themselves Jews Duality historical vs religious pov Religion(traditional culture) VS. science of history(modern thought) o Similarities Both tell about the past Both based on fundamental principles Both trying to explain the meaning of life o Differences Religion since birth science taught when older Religion belief subjective science objective, factual Religion beliefs range from person to person different degrees of how Science more straightforward Religion emotion is attached Science no emotion attached Religion fractious , different religious beliefs Science uninimity Religion most authoritative source is the oldest- looks to the beginning Science latest source is most correct- looks for progress and forward thinking o Religious Fundamentalist- reads religious scripture as absolute truth o Goal of course- to expose ourselves to modern thought of religious POV o Jewish modern thinking one can be a Jew without religion (secular no religion) Different ways to be Jewish: Jewish by heritage/ family/ descent Jewish by culture one can celebrate holidays w/o prayers Community- like to hang out with other Jews social connection- JCC, Jewish summer camp Jewish by race- Adolph Hitlers belief Archaeology and the Bible by Israel Finkelstein STUDY GUIDE! * the bible is the story of two chosen kingdoms which comprise the historical roots of the people of Israel: the kingdom of Israel and the kingdom of Judah The early books (the Pentateuch) of the Hebrew bible were codified (and largely composed) in what century?...
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JS 100 Prof - JS 100 Prof. David Kaufman 28/08/2007...

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