Ch5 Case Incident 1

Ch5 Case Incident 1 - Katie Price BUAD 304 Section 14722...

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Katie Price BUAD 304 Section 14722 Chapter 5, Case Incident 1 1. I believe that the stereotype of used car dealers was developed from a few very pushy dealers and the attention that was drawn to them. Many people approach a situation with a representative bias, looking at the probability of their used car salesman being pushy because they see Joe as being identical to a previous salesman who was pushy. It’s a very common stereotype that used car salesmen are sleazy and not interested in helping the customer, but rather in getting rid of lower quality cars for higher quality prices. Joe appears to be the opposite of this by caring about the relationships with the buyers and knowing exactly what the quality of the car is and selling it advertised as such. The tendency for people to stereotype salesmen as pushy makes it easy for a customer to keep themselves guarded and avoid being taken advantage of when they go to look at or purchase a used car. Word of mouth has a huge impact on how groups are perceived, making a few bad experiences with salesmen widespread as the story is told and retold. This same concept could have been applied through the media, depicting used car
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Ch5 Case Incident 1 - Katie Price BUAD 304 Section 14722...

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