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Ch10 Case Incident1 - Caitlin Price 1408179725 Cumming BUAD...

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Caitlin Price 1408179725 Cumming BUAD 304 Chapter 10 Case Incident 1 1. This group is a team because they generate positive synergy through coordinated effort. They are also a group because in a group individual efforts result in a level of performance that is greater than the sum of the individual inputs. Further, this group seems to be a self-managed team because they perform highly related and independent jobs while taking on the responsibilities of former supervisors. They plan and schedule their own work and have collective control over the pace of work while they also are taking action problems as many self-managed teams do. They also appear to be a cross functional team because they are employees from the same level but different work areas. Cy is a tax accountant, Marge is a tax lawyer, Megan is also a tax accountant and Tom is also a tax lawyer. Finally, this team is also a virtual team. Unlike most teams they do meet more frequently than only occasionally, but they function through their email for almost all of their interactions. They do a good job of avoiding some of the problems that come with virtual teams however. To avoid the absence of paraverbal and nonverbal
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Ch10 Case Incident1 - Caitlin Price 1408179725 Cumming BUAD...

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