Ch11 Case Incident 2

Ch11 Case Incident 2 - Caitlin Price 1408179725 BUAD 304...

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Caitlin Price 1408179725 BUAD 304 Chapter 11 Case Incident 2 The Business of Blogs 1. Blogs have the opportunity to impact many of the communication processes. It has the potential to impact downward, upward and lateral communication. It would impact downward communication because team leaders could then blog about their group or managers could use the blog as a form of communication to his or her employees instead of calling or emailing hem about a situation. It could also impact upward communication because now staff would have the ability to comment on the leadership of their managers and use it in reference to the reports and data they would be sending to these higher-ups through other channels of communication. The biggest impact that a blog could have would be on lateral communication. This allows disgruntled employees a huge availability to gather together on a certain cause they’re less than thrilled about and inform others about their stance. I see this having the pre-forming of a semi mob mentality in the work place, as angry co-workers band together online, seeing how they are not the only unhappy employee and using it as a breeding ground for anger against their employers. It also runs the risk of misrepresenting peoples’ opinions when they blog because it removes the non-verbal cues that impact meaning so deeply. Like all written communication, blogs remove the emphasis of what a writer is meaning and can totally skew what they are trying to say about the company, a policy, or even a co-worker. 2.
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Ch11 Case Incident 2 - Caitlin Price 1408179725 BUAD 304...

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