lecture01 - CS140 - Winter 2007 - Handout #1 Today CS 140:...

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CS140 - Winter 2007 - Handout #1 1 CS 140: operating systems and systems programming Mendel Rosenblum Stanford Computer Science Dept Winter ‘07 Lecture 1: Introduction ( www.stanford.edu/class/cs140 ) Today ± Course overview ± What’s interesting about operating systems? ± What is an operating system? ± Principles of OS design ± Last 15-20 minutes: group partners Course overview ± Website: http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs140 ± Email: cs140-win0708-staff@lists.stanford.edu ± Key People Instructor: » Mendel Rosenblum ( mendel@cs.stanford.edu ) CAs: » Megan Wachs » Varun Arora » Derrick Isaacson ± Key dates: Lectures: MWF 10:00AM-10:50AM in Gates B03 Midterm: Friday, February 8 th ,10:00AM-10:50AM in Gates B03 Final: Wednesday, March 19 th , 8:30AM-11:30AM Course Overview (Continued) ± Material: Lecture notes – On website, copies given out in class. Textbook – Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne, Operating System Concepts (Seventh Edition) ± Prerequisites: Computer organization – (CS107 or EE182) Concurrent programming – (CS107) ± Grading Policy Programming assignments: 50% Midterm Exam 17% Final Exam: 33% Give me a sign you learned the material. Word of warning ± I have a firm belief in you learn by doing. Learn OS concepts by coding them! ± Key Course Features Workload is in the 99% of CS/EE courses Most of the work comes from intense coding/debugging You will need 1-2 good partners for the assignments ± Project grading: 50% automatic tests (we give you access to the tests) 50% design (code and design documentation) if your code does not work, the TAs WILL NOT fix it. What is an OS? ± software between applications and reality: abstracts hardware and makes useful and portable makes finite into (near)infinite provides protection gcc emacs Doom, XXI OS hardware
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CS140 - Winter 2007 - Handout #1 2 What’s interesting here? ± OS = primal mud of computer system
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lecture01 - CS140 - Winter 2007 - Handout #1 Today CS 140:...

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