HB exam 1 text review

HB exam 1 text review - Ppt 25 1/18 15 1/25 60 2/11 Need to...

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Ppt: p   25%5   1/18 5 5   15%5   1/25 5 5   60%5   2/11 5 Need to know: - Four shifts: Morning shift (starts at 7am), Mid shift (from 10am to 7pm), Evening shift (starts at 3pm and ends at 11:30pm), graveyard shift (starts at 11pm and ends at 7:30am) - Keep guests happy during their stay. It costs several times more to attract new guests than to retain existing one. Imagine how much more profit a hospitality business would make if it could retain just 10% more of its guests as loyal guests. Losing a guest equates to losing much more than one sale. - Moments of Truth: credited to Jan Carlson, who, on becoming president of Scandinavian Airline System (SAS) when it was ranked at the bottom of the European airline market, realized that he had to spend a lot of time on the front line coaching SAS associates in how to handle guest encounters or, as he called them, moment of truth. - Service commitment is a total organizational approach that makes the quality of service, as perceived by the customer, the number one driving force for the operation of the business. - Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award: is the highest level of national recongnition for quality that a U.S. company can receive. The award promotes an understanding of quality excellence, greater awareness of quality as a critical competitive element, and the sharing of quality information and strategies. - Travel and tourism industry: Accounts for 10.2% of world GDP. Employer of 214 million people or 7.8% of the global workforce US $72.3 billion spent on tourism 10% of the world’s GNP 31% in Europe community 30% North American continent. Tourist arrivals will increase approximately 4%
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HB exam 1 text review - Ppt 25 1/18 15 1/25 60 2/11 Need to...

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