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PENN STATE GREAT VALLEY MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACCTG 524.101 MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING SPRING 1, 2008 Instructor: Dr. Andy Felo, CMA, CFM Office: 220L 2 Phone: 610-648-3380 Fax: 610-725-5224 Class Time: Mon, Wed, 6:00-9:00 E-mail: , Division Phone: 610-648-3229 Course Information: Course Description This course is designed to introduce students to the variety of ways in which managerial accounting information is used to support an organization’s strategic business objectives. The role of managerial accounting has been expanded to collect and analyze measures of financial performance, customer knowledge, internal business processes, and organizational learning and growth. To facilitate student comprehension and appreciation for the expanded role of managerial accounting, the following issues will be considered: (1) the nature of costs incurred by organizations and the variety of ways by which organizations account for and manage these costs, (2) the process of evaluating the performance of organizations and their business units, (3) the development of and rationale behind the balanced scorecard, and (4) the use of accounting information to motivate and evaluate individual, group and organizational performance. Prerequisites Behavioral Science in Business (MGMT 501) & Financial Accounting Theory & Reporting Problems (ACCTG 512). Learning Objectives After completing the course, students should: Understand Activity-Based Costing/Activity-Based Management Understand the rationale and implementation of the Balanced Scorecard Understand how managerial accounting information is used to evaluate performance (of customers, business units, individuals, quality initiatives, etc.) Understand the use of managerial accounting information to motivate behavior and establish guidelines to insure profitability goals are met Understand budgeting and forecasting processes and the behavioral implications of these processes Understand relevant cost and revenue items in decision-making (CVP, for example) Measurement of Learning Objectives Your performance will be measured as follows: Individual Paper 25% Balanced Scorecard Project 25% Forecasting Assignment 20% Current Event Presentation 10% Class Participation 20% Approximate Grading Scale 96-100: A; 90-95: A-; 87-89: B+; 84-86: B; 80-83: B-; 77-79: C+; 70-76: C; 60-69: D; <60: F
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Course Requirements Read assigned readings Attend class and participate in discussions Complete review questions, and be prepared to discuss them in class Complete individual paper concerning use of managerial accounting information Complete Balanced Scorecard project (group) Complete individual assignment on forecasting financial statements Present one current event article in class Regularly check e-mail / ANGEL for information related to the course
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This note was uploaded on 03/24/2008 for the course ACCTG 524 taught by Professor Felo,andrew during the Spring '07 term at Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

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acctg_524_felo_spring_1_2008 - PENN STATE GREAT VALLEY...

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