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P ENN S TATE G REAT V ALLEY M ASTER O F B USINESS A DMINISTRATION OPMGT 510.101 Operations Management - 2007 Instructor: Gary Drayer Session Year, Section Number: Summer I Telephone: 302-255-3063 Class Hours: 6:00 - 9:15 PM or 215-723-4213 Home or 215-715-4774 Cell Days and Times: Mon. and Wed.: May 7- June 20 E-mail: gdrayer@ingdirect.com Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Management Division Office: 610-648-3229 Days and Times: Monday through Saturday Course Overview/Description: Operations management is concerned with the creation of value - in goods and services. The course is designed to provide a framework for the appreciation and analysis of selected operations management issues. It will provide an overview of a representative set of operations management problems and approaches to solve some of them. A number of analytical tools (using the student CD ROM provided with the textbook and others) will be applied to some of these representative operations management problems. Self-Teaching and Learning-Team teaching and learning will be a major course component. Prerequisites: Mgmt. 501, Acctg 512 and BUSAD 510 Learning Objectives: After the completion of this course, students should be able to: Define Operations Management and its relationship to other disciplines. Make production and operations management decisions based on quantitative and financial analysis, including facility location and layout and queuing theory. Develop an aggregate plan. Determine and use the appropriate forecasting techniques. Ascertain the appropriate produce and process design strategies in manufacturing and service companies. Analyze and improve a business process Define and use Total Quality Management and Statistical Process Control principles, tools, and techniques. Define and use scheduling algorithms and dispatching rules. Measurement of Learning Outcomes: Grading: Class Participation/Exercises 30% Four Individual Case Papers 50% Note: Each team member will not necessarily receive the same grade from team presentations. 1
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Required Materials/Texts: Text: Operations Management Contemporary Concepts and Cases, Third Edition. Roger G. Schroeder [ISBN 13-978-0-07-313706-3] The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement Harvard Case reading packet - to be purchased in bookstore Course Topics: Operations overview, quality management, product/service design, capacity planning, scheduling, supply chain management, MRP, JIT, project management. Requirements
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