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In epistemology: Internalism Everything must be justified internally Has aspects of internalism as well ± Argues that all is internalist, externalist allows a baseboard from truth ± Allows argument over philisophical ideals ± Nyaya - Externalism There are beliefs which we don’t have to self consciously justify them It is possible to be wrong, various methods of knowing aren't absolute. ± Isn't error possible in this system? - In Sanskrit perception = knowledge. True perception is FACT/knowledge. Pseudo perception perceiving a post as a person because of distance. Perception ± The prover or probans (e.g., smoke), the middle term The probandum, that which is to be proved (e.g., fire), the major term The subject, the locus where the prover is known to be (e.g., the hill), the minor term The pervasion, the invariable presence of the probandum wherever there is the prover (e.g., the relation between smoke and fire, such that wherever smoke there fire)
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