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Mentally Disabled People are ignored Further criticisms of utilitarianism. The humanism of Karl Marx. "Conscious species being." Communitarian Identification of Flaws in Unrestricted Capitalism (Carl Cohen: The history of capitalism is a history of slavery, child labor, war, and environmental pollution.) 1. The tragedy of the commons I: environmental degradation. 2. Profits maximized by economies of scale (big is better); the drive to monopolization (market freedom as, in the long run, self defeating). 3. Exploitation of human needs (advertising as exciting baser drives; commercialization of every dimension of life) a. cycles of boom and bust b. unemployment (endemic at all times; excessive in the bust phase of a business cycle) c. inflation d. war (business as war, literally as well as figuratively) e. occasional insanity of markets: e.g., the Great Depression 4. The inhumanity of markets 5. The tragedy of the commons II: loss of co operative opportunities (in science, art, exploration, education, etc.). a. unlevel playing field: questionable justice of inheritance, etc.
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