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Anselm’s Proof of God (Proves A Priori Existence of God) God is the greatest thing in existence or capable of existence God1 Exists (same in all other) God2 Does not exist (same in all other) God1 > God2, therefore God exists in the form of God1 Actual existence is greater than fake/imagined existence God = That which no greater ting can be conceived Opposition Arguments: Assumption that beings are existing Kant argues existence is a distinct assertion of being 1. (KANT) Existence is not a property of a being Guanilo applied Anselm’s reasoning to the greatest possible island ‐‐ the Isle of the Blest: (1*) The Isle of the Blest is the island than which none greater is possible. (2*) The Isle of the Blest exists in the understanding. etc. (Exercise: construct the remainder of the counterproof.) (8*) Therefore, the Isle of the Blest exists in reality. 2. Can be applied to various other things Some Important Distinctions Example: Nothing can both be and not be. (Russell, 88)
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