Early Ethiopian Philosophy

Early Ethiopian Philosophy - Zera Yacob's Ethical...

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Unformatted text preview: Zera Yacob's Ethical Naturalism A. Geez B. Religious conflicts I. Historical Background Zera Yacob's "naturalism in ethics." His criticism of Christianity and Islam. 1. Religious belief is solely based on those who came before you, but should be based on personal inquiry into God A. Debunking of religious belief: "they assume what they have heard from their predecessors and they do not inquire whether it is true or false. B. Conflict: hid from religious persecution. C. Problem: "As my faith appears true to me, so does another find his own faith true; but truth is one." D. Solution: reason, "light of our heart": "To the person who seeks it, truth is immediately revealed. Indeed he who investigates with the pure intelligence set by the creator in the heart of each man and scrutinizes the order and laws of creation, will discover the truth." II. Zera Yacob (1599 1692) 1. Harmony in the natural order and its excellence indicate a Creator of even greater excellence ("since from his overabundant greatness he created1....
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