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Value pluralism and anti totalitarianism. Liberalism's view of freedom and self: choice as self making. Isaiah Berlin's libertarianism and defense of pluralism. 1. Suffered under communism USSR 2. Worried about governmental control' A. Background 1. All human beings have one true purpose, or end in life (telos) and one only, that of x (salvation; rational self direction; some philosophic principal; etc.) 2. The values of all human beings must of necessity fit into a single universal, harmonious pattern, which some (the rational) may discern more clearly than
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Unformatted text preview: others. 3. All conflict is due solely to the failure to appreciate the true telos, that is, is due to irrational individuals or societies. 4. When all human beings have been made rational (i.e., made to understand the true telos), they will obey the rational laws of their own natures, which are one and the same in them all, and so be at once wholly law ‐ abiding and wholly free. B. defense of PLURALISM Berlin's counter: Reject the first premise. I. Isaiah Berlin Isaiah Berlin Monday, October 22, 2007 12:30 PM PHL302 Page 1...
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