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Rational Theology

Rational Theology - Rational Theology and Arabic Philosophy...

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Theist based on reasoning of the existence of God Zera Yacob In opposition to "Revealed Theology" Aristotelian Rational Theology: Everything that makes up "X" * efficient Result of "X" * final The cause of "X" * formal What "X" is made of * material Four types of cause according to Aristotle: 1. Every effect has an efficient cause (similarly, a final cause, etc.). 2. (Assume:) every cause is itself an effect and has itself a cause. 3. Therefore, causes stretch back to infinity. 4. But this is not possible ("causes cannot go on ad infinitum" ‐‐ A.) 5. Therefore, a first cause does not itself have a cause. 6. The first cause, the Unmoved Mover, is God. Aristotle's argument: a. Avicenna argues this singularity is arbitrary 1. One rule "singularity" cause a. Not feasible 2. Cause goes back infinitely a. Avicenna argues God is necessary by elimination of other 2/3 systems (because 4 = 1 + 2, if 1/2 false so is 4) 3. "Singularity" cause is God (Preferred in rational theology) a. Mixture of infinite and singular causation
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