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Homework 4: Discuss the virtues and weaknesses of both (a) a Confucianist and/or Taoist approach to a public policy issue, such as gambling, and (b) a libertarian/Millian approach. Feel free to choose your own examples and issue on which to focus (minimum wage, drug use, sexual morality, etc.). Taoist Principals The Tao Te Ching or Lau Tzu Some principal themes (and a few citations): "Hold on to the uncarved wood" (19.4) 1. simplicity (or authenticity ) and simplification (do not fan desires; reduce them): 12.1 3, 19.4 , 24.1 2 2. pantheism (or spiritual monism ) and the coincidence of opposites in Tao: Non Intervention of government Non Paternalistic , unnecessary because virtues come naturally "The sage manages affairs without action" (2.3) vs. Confucius "lead by example" (similar) vs. Confucius would support active involvement (Taoism wants nonintervention) "The best government is no government" 3. minimalism in government (control gets out of control): 2.3, 3.2 3
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