dining out in america #1

dining out in america #1 - Katherine Crenshaw AMS 311S...

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Katherine Crenshaw AMS 311S 9/14/07 Writing Assignment #1 1. Is eating a certain food safer for someone who is more educated than another who is less educated? 2. Has the development of technology not only in the kitchen but in the public dining sphere in general, made it easier to overlook the basic hygienic rules and legal regulations in food preparation? 3. Why are standard health codes among corporate and non-corporate public dining spaces struggling to be maintained, yet are still receiving business? In our dear city of Austin, Texas, there is a saying that helps to promote small and unique independant businesses, "Keep Austin Weird". This slogan has become quite popular throughout town over the past few years and is commonly seen or heard in everyday life. In a way, the slogan is trying to persuade citizens to think outside of the major corporation box. Many of these small businesses happen to be some of the best restaurants in the entire state; a few of them have failed the standard public health code
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dining out in america #1 - Katherine Crenshaw AMS 311S...

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