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Principles of Marketing Assignment 4 – Branding 1. Ice Cream Cereal Breyers Post Haagen Daz Kellogg’s Klondike Nabisco Edy’s Total Food Lion Pet Luigi’s Dole Food Lion I went to Food Lion near my home in Raleigh to gather information for this assignment. I spoke with Darius, the evening manager. Most Food Lion’s carry the same brands when it comes to ice cream and cereal but two important factors play into the decision as to which brands: one is location, what region the store is in and in turn which market segments a part of that particular area; two, agreements with the competition (i.e. carrying the same brands but not overlapping products ). Darius also informed me that by the end of the quarter they will have stocked 2 new brands of ice cream, Luigi’s and Dole, both of which produce fruit based frozen treats without dairy in order to the growing target market segment of health conscience consumers. A common practice amongst Food Lion’s is to ‘capitalize on shelf space’ rather than drop
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