Assignment6 - Principles of Marketing Assignment 6...

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Unformatted text preview: Principles of Marketing Assignment 6 Advertising Strategies 1. What is the product? 2. Who is the customer or target audience? 3. What is the message? Are there any underlying messages? 4. Where does it appear in the magazine? 5. What is the readership of the magazine? 6. What is your overall impression of the ads? Which one is your favorite and why? Ad #1 Kool Cigarettes- The product is cigarettes.- The target market is smokers.- The intended message for receivers is that smoking Kool cigarettes enhances your social status or is synonymous with being cool. The image is of a stylish young man in a suit holding a trumpet. He is attractive and fashionable; both characteristics are part of the encoding process ending in the translation that if you smoke this brand of cigarettes youre hipcool.- This ad is on the inside of the back cover.- I pulled this ad from a sub-issue of my Vogue magazine. From time to time, Vogue will include a mini-magazine that showcases a series of celebrities while giving brief stories on their current activities and fashion moves. Readers, like me, belong in a fashion moves....
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Assignment6 - Principles of Marketing Assignment 6...

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