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Principles of Marketing – Assignment 8: Retailing December 3, 2006 9. What is store image? Why is it important? What is meant by store atmospherics? How can the elements of atmospherics be used to increase the store’s success? How are store personnel a part of store image? Store image is what sets one retailer a part from its competition. It’s a set up tailored to the target market it serves that displays the perception consumers in the target market have of the retailer. A store’s image is important because it speaks to the overall brand . With respect to clothing, it’s important that the store’s layout communicate the same quality or characteristics as the clothes or products it carries. When a store looks like the products/clothing it sells, it speaks congruency and/or continuity to its consumers. Most people are generally attracted to what is visually pleasing and marketers and/or retailers are well aware. Atmospherics is a tactic used by retailers to enchant guests in their stores. When shopping, consumers want to visualize the
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