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Owners of stores that make effective use of atmospherics believe that getting people “in the mood” makes them more likely to buy. Do you feel that store atmospherics influence your purchase behavior? Is this sort of planned store setting ethical? This week we will discuss question 3 under Marketing Concepts found on page 523. How do you feel about store atmospherics influencing your purchase behavior? This makes me "hear" the piano in Nordstrom's! Do you think this planned setting is ethical? I do believe that atmospherics play an important role in creating an  appealing setting for customers to increase the quantity of their purchase. A  store’s image helps me determine whether or not I will shop there. These  days you can find most clothes and/or products of any brand pretty much 
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Unformatted text preview: anywhere: online markets, local supermarket or warehouse so retailers need to focus their best efforts into attracting consumers into their brand stores. With that said, I like to see a creative, well thought out store layout with nice furniture, attractive lighting, etc. and yes it does make me come visit the store more frequently. It goes without saying that the more a customer visits a store, the more likely they are to find things of interest and make purchases. I see nothing unethical about this practice. In my mind, this is another form of sales promotion and advertising....
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