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AMS IDS for Test 1 1. ID: Separate Spheres a. Date: 1850s b. Description: The social divisions of the influences for men and women. Women were in charge of the private sphere of life—the home and other domestic aspects, while the men were in the public sphere and appeared prominent in the work place and other places. c. Significance: Separate spheres was one of the few aspects of life that the North and South agreed upon. Separate spheres was one way to protect the sanctity of the home—it was up to the women to upkeep the morality of the home. The home is so important to American culture because it is one of the basic structures of life. Currently, as the separate spheres continue to become blurred it seems as though the structure of the home is unraveling. The lines between the spheres are becoming blurred… 2. ID: Private Sphere a. Date: 1850s b. Description: The domestic sphere, the sphere that included the home. The sphere that the women dominated—whereas the men dominated the public sphere. The domestic sphere shoed that a woman should embody the characteristics of a True Woman—pious, pure, submissive. c. Significance: The private sphere is significant because this is what comprised the structure of the family and home—key organizational feature of American culture. Women were significant in the private sphere and wielded great influence within the home—instilling the moral values in her children . Balances out corruption of the public sphere, thus the private sphere restored moral order. 3. ID: “Appeal to the Southern Ladies” a. Date: 1850s b. Description: Ann Cunnignham wrote this appeal to the Southern Ladies in particular, to raise money to restore Mt. Vernon. It emphasized that it was up to the South to instill Southern values in Mt. Vernon before the North instilled the Northern ideals. c. Significance: This shows how the restoration of such a famous home was used as tool to talk about the tensions between the North and the South— both the North and South could agree upon the importance of the private sphere. Its also significant because it showed how Ann Cunningham wielded her power of influence over the home and brought it out into the public sphere and was successful. 4. ID: Susan Cooper a. Date: 1850s b. Description: She wrote the letter to the children of America, which for the most part ignored Washington’s history as a slaveholder. It promotes
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Washington as a patriarch of a virtuous home. Susan Cooper argues for a less regional version of Washington. c. Significance: This shows how the home becomes a tool for Peace. This also shows how the home is something both Northerners and Southerners can agree upon. 5. ID: Academy of Music in New York a. Date: 1870s b. Description: An opera house that opened in 1854 on the corner of 14 th St and Irving Place, in Union Square, then an affluent New York neighborhood. Built by aristocratic New Yorkers, the lavish building had a stage large enough for a grand opera, many private and stage boxes, and
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AMS IDS for Test 1 - AMS IDS for Test 1 1 ID Separate...

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