304 Disc HW #1

304 Disc HW #1 - (1) Explain how you think the stereotype...

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(1) Explain how you think the stereotype of used-car dealers developed. Used car dealers have created a negative perception in the industry over the years due to the unstable market of automobiles. With the pressure of competing with new brand-name car dealerships such as GM or Ford, used car dealers have to constantly sell their products, that are already somewhat worn, in a very aggressive manner. In times of economic prosperity, consumers would usually spend more money on purchasing a new car rather than an old. Used car dealerships therefore suffer in profits and are willing to do anything necessary to help bring in income, even if incriminating. Used car dealers had often changed prices on their products based on different economic times which further comprised the true value and quality of the car. Customers tend to find them untrustworthy because of their persistent haggling practices and aggressive techniques. Since they are usually their own bosses and make their salary on sales through commission, they are more likely to pressure the customers into quickly purchasing a car at a higher price by giving misleading information to make the value of the car seem higher or
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304 Disc HW #1 - (1) Explain how you think the stereotype...

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