geoglec207 - segregated things were not equal and...

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Progressivism Public education Against monopolies For capitalism-private property+profit Development of infrastructure Environmental protection What does conflict produce? New political and governmental institutions Intensification of some differences Dual Process Homogenization Make people and places more similar More likely to speak english More likely to pledge allegiance to the flag Capacity to read and write Fit into someplace in the labor market Paving the streets: homogenizing transportation Nutrition, healthcare This homogenization process did not produce equality and intensified differentiation Differentiation Ex: everyone is sent to public school (homogenization) but because the schools were
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Unformatted text preview: segregated, things were not equal and ultimately this intensified differences when these students came out of public school New governmental institutions Large-scale & complex How and why at this time? Corporations Communism Engineering- systems & Labor Market Niches Race/ethnicity Gender Skill Class/education level Location (residence vs workplace) Language The struggle over the definition of the public good is also a struggle over the character of the landscape and the kind of place Los Angeles should be Racial Formation Colonization of Mexican territory Extermination of indigenous people People of known African descent- yes or no? White supremacy vs democracy...
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geoglec207 - segregated things were not equal and...

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