PHIL-marx - A Karl Marx discusses in his Economic and...

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A. Karl Marx discusses in his Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts the difficulties of political labor and private property. He first starts off by splitting the economic system into two different groups or classes- the “property-owners” and the “property-less workers” (239). He explains that this division causes poor consequences for those who are workers in that they “sink to the level of a commodity” and they are diminished to an unworthy value. The worker puts his life into the object that he’s producing yet he is involved in this process that gives back nothing to him. Capitalism takes away all that they earn and they are unable to experience the fruits of their labor. He produces for a society that he no longer belongs to which causes further alienation from his surroundings and further divides the classes working in this “money system” in our society. He continues to produce objects for the outside world that he himself is unable to possess and this first type of “estrangment” exists with the product and the worker. Marx then discusses that the worker alienates himself from others around him as well as from himself through his activity of production and is now estranged “within the producing activity itself”. The worker now sees his job as forced labor in which he must commit to as means of survival. He sees this activity as alien which does not belong to him or benefit him in
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PHIL-marx - A Karl Marx discusses in his Economic and...

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