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Blair Cannon English 101 Project 2 With border control being a growing issue, we as American’s tend to look down upon immigration. However, in real perspective, we are all immigrants from one time period or another. My family’s immigration story dates back as far as 1745 when Adam Carruth made his way to America from Antrium, Ireland. This paper will analyze Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory by means of interpreting to understand the immigration by my family. To first find information about my mother’s side of the family, the Carruths, I turned to my grandmother whose only information was that we are Scotch-Irish. She then directed me to my great aunts Alene and Adene Hurst, who are twin sisters that live in Mississippi. They too didn’t have much information, but they did know who to send me to. Over the summer, Alene and Adene spent time with their cousin, Joan McGinnis, in a small town in Kentucky. She had all of the information of the history of the Carruth family. She had a book on the Carruth family and photocopied me several pages from the book that dates back much further than the immigration of the family. The book explains that the Carruths began in a small town in Scotland known as Dumbarton where James Carruth was born. He then married Margaret Law, moved to Antrium, Ireland where he had one child, Adam Carruth. The Carruth family remained in Ireland until Adam married Elizabeth Beatty. This is when the heritage of my family was no longer known as Scottish but now Scotch-Irish. Around the year 1745 Adam Carruth and Elizabeth made their move to America where they then resided in Gaston County, North Carolina. Once
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established, Adam then acquired 300 acres of land, which grew to be 1,000 acres of land east of what we know today to be Charlotte. Upon his death he left his land to be dispersed evenly among his five children. The Beatty family authentically traces its ancestry to Prince Geoffrey of Scotland and his wife, Matilda, granddaughter of King
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english project 2 - Blair Cannon English 101 Project 2 With...

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