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english project 3

english project 3 - Blair Cannon Eng 101 Project#3 Breaking...

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Blair Cannon Eng 101 Project #3: Breaking down the idea of comedy and what exactly makes something funny, and what makes a person laugh is a hard concept to understand. Dr. Richard Taflinger set up a basic structure to help understand this concept. This essay will compare Taflinger’s idea along with the concept of three types of characters; the wit, the rogue, and the lout, with a popular 1950s sitcom, “Amos and Andy”. To understand why something is funny, we must first look at the characters. One approach to analyzing is by distinguishing the wit, rogue and lout among the characters. Where the wit is the smartest with their best skill being defense by words, the rogue is mischievously playful, and the lout is a clown type character. In the television show “Amos and Andy”, funny begins with this concept of the wit, rouge and lout. While watching this show, it is not hard to conclude that Andy and Lightening are louts and King Fish is a rogue. King Fish’s depiction of a rogue is shown blatantly in every show. King Fish never finds it beneath himself to trick Andy or Lightening into doing anything. For example, one classic episode ”” is one in which King Fish is trying to sell Andy a house, but what Andy doesn’t know is that it is only a cut out of a house and not a whole house. King Fish does this because he is a rogue and knows he can outsmart Andy, the lout. We find this funny because we know that Andy is not intelligent and will fall for it. How King Fish tricks him is a part of the humor too. In this episode King Fish first outsmarts Andy by not letting him fully view the house before he buys it. The twist of this show is when Andy and Lightening figure out King Fish’s plan. Their clownish antics contribute to the show’s humor. Because of their lout characters it takes the two a
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while to figure out that the house is only a cut out. We laugh at their lack of intelligence, and their approach to solving the solution to their problem. Once Andy figures out that King Fish has fooled him once again, he confronts him demanding his money back. Instead of returning the money, King Fish finds a way to outsmart Andy yet again by making him believe that there is oil beneath the land. However, in comedy television, the lout always wins in the end. In this episode, Andy wins because although King Fish has
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