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Mid-term Exam Questions: 1. What is the main organization that gives life to the inter-American System or makes it work? -OAS 2. What is the term-slogan that resulted in the First International Conference of American States and provided the underlying doctrine for the Inter-American System? - Pan Americanism 3. Regarding the institutional development of the inter-American system, when and where did the system start? - Came from Colombia to create a American-union. Mexico was highly interested. In 1889-90 with the First Conference of the Inter-American in Washington, DC 4. What are the “Principal Inter-American Conferences” (between 1889 and 1998)? - 5. After WWII, there three conferences of the American States (Inter- American Conference on Problems of War and Peace, Inter-American Conference for Maintenance of Continental Peace and Security, and the Ninth International Conference of American States) that gave birth to the current three big organizations of the Inter-American System. What are these organizations? (pp. 212-213) - OAS, IADB, Rio Treaty 6. What are the six principal organs governing the OAS? (refer to table main on page 214. Explanation starts on page 213) - 1. Meeting of consultation of Minister of Foreign Affairs - 2. Counsel of the Organization - 3. Specialized Conferences - 4. Specialized Organization 1
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5. Special agencies and commissions - 6. Pan American Union 7. The five policies of the system (PP Slides) - Non-intervention, Peace and Security, Democracy and Human Rights, Econ and Social cooperation, and Drug Trafficking 8. Mention the major conflicts (wars) that forever framed the physical geography of the countries of the inter-American system and shaped the political relations among and/or between countries of the system (PP slides and your notes). - War of Triple Alliance : 1864-1870; Paraguay vs. Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil; Paraguay loses; Argentina received a large part of the Gran Chaco region of Paraguay. War of the Pacific : Chile v. Bolivia and Peru; 1879- 1883; Chile wins and wins mineral-rich territory in the conflict. Leaving Bolivia landlocked in the end. Chaco War : 1932-1935; Bolivia v. Paraguay; over control over a great part of the Gran Chaco region of South America, which was incorrectly thought to be rich in oil. Paraguay wins. Spain v. Dominican Republic : 9. Briefly mention the countries involved in the former questions (q. 8): which were the big winners and which the big losers; how these wars shaped the geography of the countries involved in the conflicts (PP slides and your notes). -See above. 10. In essence, what is the Monroe Doctrine? - no colonization in Latin America by Europe 11. What do we understand by the Manifest Destiny - the belief that the US was destined to expand from the Atlantic seaboard to the Pacific Ocean; it has also been used to advocate for or justify other territorial acquisitions. 12.
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Finished study guide - Mid-term Exam Questions 1 What is...

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