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The concepts of communication consists of a sender, a receiver, and a channel of communication. Communication is very important in every day life we use it every day. As a manager they use it through out the day. To manage employees and customers. In my career I will have to use communication by instructing co-workers, sending emails talking on the phone. I will have to get a good understanding of clear thinking. Work on getting a proper vocabulary. I am going to use many techniques that I have
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Unformatted text preview:learned. I will need to have good listing skills to do well with my career. Along with listing I will have to give good feedback so that I can respond. Another good communication skill in my career I will have to have a good written communication skill I think I will have too come up with. This is important, so I can write up anything that needs to be done. In my personal life I will have to do as well so that I am a good communicator I will use as much information that I have learned.