Exam 1 Study Guide (1-4)

Exam 1 Study Guide (1-4) - CHAPTER 1 HRM - decisions,...

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CHAPTER 1 HRM - decisions, policies, practices, and systems about the employment relationship that influences: employee’s attitudes, behaviors and performance; organizations effectiveness. HRM Responsibilities – Legal Compliance: (EEO) Staffing: (planning, recruiting, selecting) Motivation: Job Analysis & Design, Performance Management, Compensation, & Benefits Maintenance: Employee Relations and Safety and Health Strategic HRM – is concerned with integrating the HRM with strategy and strategic needs of the organization applying human resource policies consistently across the hierarchy and across HR functions ensuring the adjustment, acceptance, and implementation of HR practices by all managers and employees Fundamental HRM Issues Line v. Staff HR Generalists v. Specialists Union v. Non- Union Human Capital Build v. Buy Ethics Corporate Ethical Scandals HP Spying Scandal - Patricia Dunn, HP chairwomen hired experts who spied on HP board members and several journalists. Enron accounting fraud - involving Arthur Andersen Firestone Tire and Rubber Company - for use of child labor in Liberia Halliburton - VP Dick Cheney’s conflict of interest, overcharging government contracts, and threatening whistleblowers. Nortel - executives overstate post-dot-com recovery earnings in order to earn bonuses Tyco International Worldcom - used fraudulent accounting methods to mask its declining financial condition Chapter 2 – Trends in HRM Labor Force – Internal (already has) External (individuals actively seeking employment)
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Challenges faced with Aging Workforce – higher costs for benefits, new technology, higher pay, racial diversity. HRM Practices that support a diverse workforce – figure 2.3 High Performance Work Systems - Organizations that have the best possible fit between their social system and technical system; relies on empowerment Knowledge Workers - Employees whose main contribution to the organization is specialized knowledge, such as knowledge of customers, a process, or a profession. Good for HRM practices because they are more likely to provide good service. Employee Empowerment - Giving employees responsibility and authority to make decisions regarding all aspects of product development or customer service. Teamwork - The assignment of work to groups of employees with various skills who interact to assemble a product or provide a service. How can HRM support/contribute to organizational strategy – Right # of people/right time, rewards. Downsizing – Questions I would want answered? To
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Exam 1 Study Guide (1-4) - CHAPTER 1 HRM - decisions,...

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