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Strong and Weak Electrolytes432-3: Strong and Weak Electrolytes1. StartVirtual ChemLaband selectStrong and Weak Electrolytesfrom the list of assignments. The labwill open in the Titration laboratory.2.Enter the stockroom by clicking inside theStockroomwindow. Once inside the stockroom, double-click or click and drag on the three reagents,NaCl,Na2CO3(100%), andNaHCO3(100%) to movethem to the stockroom counter. Click on the greenReturn To Labarrow to return to the laboratory.3.For each salt that was selected in the stockroom, complete the following procedure: double-click orclick and drag the bottle on the stockroom counter to move it to the spotlight next to the balance.Click on theBeakersdrawer and place a beaker in the spotlight next to the salt bottle in the balancearea. Click on theBalancearea to zoom in and open the bottle by clicking on the lid (Remove Lid).Drag a piece of weighing paper and drop it on the balance and thenTarethe balance.Pick up theScoop
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