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smmuscle_studyquestions - to smooth muscle behaving as a...

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Biology 141: Smooth Muscle Study Questions 1. What are the functions of smooth muscle in the body? 2. What is meant by myosin-linked regulation of contraction? How does this occur? 3. Compare the source of Ca 2+ for contraction in skeletal muscle versus smooth muscle. 4. How can smooth muscle contract without innervation, whereas skeletal muscle must have innervation in order to contract? 5. What is the effect of cAMP on smooth muscle contraction? 6. In a smooth muscle cell, after a contraction, where does the Ca 2+ go? How? 7. How do voltage gated- Ca 2+ channels cause contraction? How do gap junctions contribute
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Unformatted text preview: to smooth muscle behaving as a functional syncytium? 8. Explain the manner by which each of the following effect smooth muscle contraction/relaxation: a. activation of β receptors b. activation of α 1 receptors c. activation of α 2 receptors 9. Activation of G q proteins lead to contraction of smooth muscle. Explain the process of the IP 3 second messenger system and how it causes contraction. 10. What is the myogenic response associated with smooth muscle?...
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